“Are you new in town?”, asked the Crocodile. “I haven’t seen you before”. “No, no”, the bear answered. “I don’t live here. But can I ask you something? Do you perhaps know where the sun lives?”


Haru The bear becomes fascinated by the sun, as it rises each morning when he wakes up. “Where do you come from?” Haru asks the sun. “Where do you live?” But no matter what he asks the sun, it never answers back.

When the other forest animals are getting ready to go to sleep, Haru sits on top of the hill watching the sunset. He fantasizes about the sun going to sleep.

One day, Haru is struck by an idea: he will stay awake all night. That way he might find out where the sun comes from. But unfortunately, he falls asleep just before sunrise. When he wakes up hours later, the sun shining high in the sky, he decides to follow it. He grabs his backpack and starts walking. He walks and walks. He passes the most beautiful locations but he only has eyes for the sun. After hours of walking, he suddenly sees his own house in the distance.

He realises then that the sun never sleeps and that, wherever he may go, the sun will aways rise in the east and set in the west.